Banisu Elementary School Project

August 03, '21

Sales from Dimattina Coffee’s Prima Tazza blend have been funding community development projects in the coffee growing region around Wau in the Morobe province of Papua New Guinea from the beginning of 2008. By paying a premium on coffee produced in this region, which forms an important part of the Prima Tazza blend, Dimattina Coffee is able to directly re-invest this premium into the local community.

In conjunction with its partners Goldfields Coffee and Monpi Sustainable Services Dimattina Coffee directs its funding to a small community school on the outskirts of Wau. The creation of the Banisu Elementary School Project guarantees an ongoing, long term investment in the local community.

The 130 students of Banisu Elementary School are taught in two classrooms constructed from mainly bush materials on a dirt floor covered in bush mats. Government funding is insufficient and the school relies on donations to upgrade and maintain the school’s building, infrastructure and teaching materials.

Dimattina Coffee’s funding has enabled the installation of the school’s first water tank, basic plumbing and maintenance on the school building. Future investments will be based upon recommendations from the school’s board and are likely to include:

• A wall to separate classrooms

• Flooring in the classrooms – currently dirt floor and bush matting

• Furniture – the school has no tables or chairs

• A storage room for school materials We are very proud of this project and look forward to growing our involvement, through increased sales of the Prima Tazza blend, in the development of Banisu Elementary School far into the future.