Made in Saigon - WA

August 03, '21

The leafy backstreets of suburban Northbridge just outside of Perth’s CBD is the last place one would expect to find a Vietnamese Banh Mi/specialty coffee shop. In fact, Made in Saigon is an amalgam you’re unlikely to find anywhere - something owner and local artist Hung Phan is counting on. It has been Hung’s dream for a long time to be able to bring his twin passions of art and Vietnamese food together and Made in Saigon is the culmination of that dream.

Located a bit off the beaten track, Made in Saigon has taken shape down a laneway just off Money St in Northbridge. Finding the place is not an issue however as Hung’s artwork (unashamedly painted down the side of the building) invites you to venture forth. The shop itself is very small with standing room only, but patrons are encouraged to stay and hang out with Hung and his business partner Ray; for these guys it’s all about the chats! For the casual observer it might seem a little strange buying coffee from a Vietnamese Banh Mi joint but seeing the set up and Ray’s passion for coffee will quicky assuage any reservations. Ray’s weapon of choice is a La Marzocco Linea PB and Robur S grinder, both of which look right at home atop the poured concrete benchtop. All of the standard coffee fayre is available as well as Ray’s signature Vietnamese inspired Dirty Pandan Latte (a must try)! Ray is so fanatical about his latte art that he’s even sourced see-through takeaway lids so that his work can be enjoyed without barriers; a commonality between him and Hung. Hung’s artwork is not simply displayed at Made in Saigon, it is an integral part of the design; even the split system aircon unit is intricately painted.

Besides the artwork and the coffee (in case you needed another reason to visit), the Banh Mi are off the chain good! Hung and Ray believe in high-quality ingredients and simplicity when it comes to their Banh Mi; these are as authentic as they come. With only four Banh Mi on the menu (Saigon Breakfast, Roast Pork, Grilled Chicken or Vegetarian Tofu) Made in Saigon emphasizes quality over quantity; but believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Made in Saigon officially opened last weekend (20th Feb) and Hung has plans for laneway parties, art exhibitions and more. Make sure you stop by for a Banh Mi, Dirty Pandan and great chats!

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