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Wako Aba


A rare lot from a single producer in Ethiopia’s famous Kochere region!

Wako Aba is a new producer to Dimattina.  He has been producing coffee on his 5.5 hectare farm (Bonki Busa) with his family since inheriting it 15 years ago.  Bonki Busa’s extremely high elevation allows for very slow-ripening cherries, a rare quality that gives unparalleled sweetness and clarity in the resulting cup.  In addition to coffee, Wako grows a great deal of other crops such as legumes, grain and bananas; he also keeps bees which help with pollination and increase the biodiversity of the farm.  This bio-diversity allows the coffee to produce much more consistently year on year and also offers some protection from pests and disease.  Being able to source coffee from a single producer in Ethiopia is extremely difficult due to processing and export constraints, so it is an absolute privilege to be able to offer Wako’s coffee in Australia.  In the cup you can expect elevated notes of red plum, strawberry, rose and black tea.  This coffee is ideal as a filter style coffee but also holds its own very well as an espresso style.

Cup Profile: Black Tea, Red Plum, Strawberry

Region: Kochere

Elevation: 2200 m.a.s.l

Variety: Wolisho, Dega, Kudhumi and JARC

Process: Natural


This coffee is roasted to order, please allow up to 3 days to dispatch.

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