Barbershops X Coffee - WA

Connor Brown
August 03, '21

It’s a combination that has been gaining popularity in recent years and for good reason. While on the surface, coffee making and barbering may seem like completely different professions, the sub-cultures that have emerged within the two industries have some startling similarities. Both barbers and baristas regard their craft as an art-form, something that requires great skill and flair to truly master. A common sight in both cafes and barbershops is the heavily tattooed barista/barber; while this may seem superficial, it points to similarities in personality type within the two professions. Additionally, both industries are fiercely competitive and constant innovation is essential to stay ahead of the curve. It is little wonder that many modern barbershops have opted to include an attached café to boost sales and bring in new customers. We’ve put together a list of our top barbershops serving Dimattina Coffee:

Uncle Joe’s Barber & Mess – 74-76 King St, Perth

drinking coffee

Uncle Joe’s has been serving up great brews and do’s in the Perth CBD for several years now and hasn’t missed a beat. A makeshift laneway leads past the bohemian, multi-seat barbershop to ‘The Mess’ at the end. Both barbers and baristas are masters of their craft and can tailor your coffee and haircut to your personal style. Feel like a bite to eat while you wait for your appointment? No problem. With plenty of seating and a full menu, Uncle Joes is the perfect spot for a midday lunch and trim.

Short Black & Sides – 201 Labouchere Rd, Como

short black and sides barber shop

Short Black & Sides is a new addition to the barbershop scene located on a quiet corner in leafy Como. Keeping it classy and offering a free coffee (or beer) with both Classic and Fade cuts, the team at Short Black & Sides have got you covered. The exposed brick interior of the restored house and original wooden flooring is a testament to a bygone era of quality craftsmanship; something that Short Black & Sides has in abundance.

Milk Barber – 58 Southside Drive, Hillarys (Hillarys Boat Harbour)

making coffee

Both exceptionally inviting and intimate at the same time, Milk Barber brings a special kind of flair to Hillarys Boat Harbour. Owned and operated by three mates with a shared passion for quality cuts and coffee, you can’t help but feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. Takeaway is the name of the game here which means you are free to walk the marina’s boardwalk and check out the local shops while you sip your expertly crafted brew. Serving up our super-sweet Easy St blend seven days a week, you can’t go past these guys for great service, haircuts and, of course, coffee.

Davilia Barber & Barista – 5 Hulme Court, Myaree

cafe entrance

Our final barbershop on the list is also the newest. Davilia has been around for a while as a barbershop (with multiple Perth locations) but has recently branched out into the world of coffee with the launch of its flagship store in Myaree. With an eclectic mix of both traditional and industrial design, Davilia really stands out from the average barbershop and with six chairs you can bet you won’t have to wait long for that last-minute walk-in trim. Of course if you do end up waiting, what better place to do it than in the stylish café at the storefront? Davilia slings our Prima Tazza blend Monday – Saturday along with a range of hand-made rolls and sweets if you’re feeling a bit peckish.