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a family

The Dimattina’s have a long, rich history in the coffee industry.

For seven remarkable decades, our family-run coffee business has been the heart and soul of every cup we brew. Rooted in a rich heritage of passion and expertise, we handcraft each blend with love, care, and the wisdom that only comes from generations of experience.

We are forever humbled by the response to our coffee and will strive to continue creating a superior coffee experience for all our customers for years to come.

COFFEE specialists
since '54

From our Dimattina family to yours, we invite you to savour the warmth, authenticity, and signature flavour that defines our legacy. In the 70 years we’ve been roasting, it’s always been our belief that everyone deserves a great cup of coffee, every single time.

Through responsible sourcing, we are deeply committed to ensuring sustainability and fairness remain at the heart of our practices. Our direct relationships with coffee producers are partnerships grounded in mutual respect and shared values. By working hand in hand, we not only source beans of exceptional quality but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the very communities that inspire us.

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