Nicaragua Cup of Excellence

An award winning lot from our favourite producers.

Prima Tazza

We have won numerous awards for this blend. It combines five of the highest grade, carefully selected beans, from the finest estates in Central and South America, New Guinea and Asia.


Named for the 1917 Charlie Chaplin film, Easy St blends the 'rough and tumble' biscuity dark cacao and sweet nuts of Brazil San Coffee and the smooth overripe strawberry and blueberry of Ethiopia Birbirsa to create a harmonious and balanced cup.


This coffee has a deep body, is characteristically smooth, mellow and sweet with a slight caramel flavour note and a pleasant acidity.

Fairtrade Organic

This Fairtrade® certified organic blend is a balanced combination of some of our favourite coffees from Colombia, Honduras and Sumatra.


One of our darker roasts, it has a thick rich aroma, with a grunty dark cocoa flavour. It’s full bodied with a drier finish.


Formerly known as Espresso Bar, Ronnie's is the ultimate 'Classic rock' blend.

Bright Eyes

This specially roasted coffee blend combines some of the world’s finest Single Estate Arabica Coffees.

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New single
volcan azul h3

Limited edition of an extraordinary coffee from a renowned producer.

This naturally processed lot from Volcan Azul has notes of green apple, strawberry and tropical fruits.  An extremely punchy and vibrant coffee that is perfect as black filter-style or espresso.



At Dimattina we are constantly sourcing new and exciting single origin coffees from growing regions all over the world. Our mandate is to find the most exotic and exceptional coffees the world has to offer and, in turn, share them with our customers. By signing up to our monthly subscription service, we will deliver 250g – 1kg of the freshest and tastiest coffee we have, direct to your door. Our quality assurance team select and roast our very best origins fresh each month to showcase. Subscribers also receive a sizable discount on the purchase price.


Discover your perfect coffee

The sheer amount of coffee varieties to choose from today is staggering. This can make finding your ideal cup of coffee a laborious task. By taking the unique coffee quiz, Dimattina hopes to simplify this process and pair you with your new favourite coffee in a few clicks.

The Dimattina coffee quiz will ask you a number of questions relating to your personal tastes and flavour preferences before matching you with a suggested single origin or blend.