Coffea Fine Espresso - WA

August 03, '21

Since 2014 Coffea Fine Espresso has been serving up outstanding coffee and delectable meals to Garden City patrons; but its inception was a long time in the making. Owned and operated by industry veteran Euro Lumb, Coffea is the culmination of years of experience in the hospitality industry. Named for the genus of the coffee plant, it goes without saying that Coffea is serious about their brews. Utilising state-of-the-art espresso brewing equipment the staff (and Euro himself) serve up sweet and chocolatey coffee at a fast and consistent pace; the perfect stop if you’re pushed for time but equally a great spot to relax and escape from the chaos of the shopping centre crowds.

Now with two sites within Booragoon’s Garden City Shopping Centre and sister store Little Horn in Applecross, Coffea is going from strength to strength. The larger of the Garden City cafes offers all the benefits and comforts of a cool inner-city café with a full breakfast/lunch menu, ample seating and warm, friendly staff. The coffee is always on point with the stunning Kees Van Der Westen Mirage pumping out shots all day long; Coffea Fine Espresso has become a staple for both busy shoppers and shopping centre employees alike. Down the other end of the shops (near the Apple Store) is the latest addition to the Coffea family; the Coffea Espresso Bar. While smaller than its older cousin, the Espresso Bar still has plenty of seating for dine-in but also caters for shoppers on-the-go with takeaway poke bowls (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options).

The Espresso Bar serves up a slightly darker blend for those who like a stronger, more traditional style of coffee. Next time you’re at Garden City make sure to swing by one (or both) of the Coffea stores for outstanding food, coffee and service.