Brazil Fazenda Monte Alegre - Roasted in WA

August 03, '21

Acquired by the Vieira Family in 1917, Monte Alegre Estate is located in the South of Minas Gerais in an area known for the high quality of its coffees. The right combination of latitude (22°S) and altitude (2,700 to 3,600 ft) creates the well‐defined seasons typical of mountain climates, the ideal condition to grow superb coffees.

This Estate is a fully sustainable business in all aspects: environmental, social and economic. Sustainability and coffee quality pervade all activities, from farming to trading. Its producing excellent coffees, with the coffees being transported vaccum packed in small 30kg packs, protecting the life and quality of the bean. We currently acquired both natural and fully washed coffees from this estate.

The first coffee we have roasted is a 100% bourbon pulped natural lot which has a lot more fruit notes (including apricots and peaches) and is bright and juicy. The Brazil Fazenda Monte Alegre has been roasted in small quantities and is available from Dimattina Coffee Osborne Park, or ordered and shipped directly to your door.

P: 08 9244 9377