Cold Brew Coffee

August 03, '21

Normally when we think of cold coffee we have two things in mind; that half-finished mug of coffee that was set down half an hour ago and forgotten about or, of course, iced coffee (often with ice-cream and milk). Well now there is an alternative to beat the summer heat that tastes amazing and doesn’t come with all that excess milk and sugar.


Enter the cold brew. In recent years you may have seen a new trend emerging in cold brew coffee. Cold drip towers are now a fairly common sight in high end cafes; you’ve probably seen some of these elaborate contraptions taking pride of place next to espresso machines around the country.


Here at Dimattina HQ we have been working tirelessly to perfect our very own cold brew recipe and we’re very proud to say that it is finally ready! The main thing to understand with cold brewed coffee is that a very different chemical process takes place when you remove heat from the equation.


The end result is a sweet brew with greatly reduced acidity. The core flavour profile of the coffee remains however and is becoming an increasingly popular choice of beverage, especially on those hot summer afternoons. Bottled for your convenience our cold brew is available now in store at our Osborne Park or Reservoir cafes, and online.


Try one today!