Dimattina Coffee Juria plants in Bedugul

August 03, '21

Dimattina Coffee’s Bali, Indonesia coffee plantation continues to grow.

Last year Dimattina Coffee Asia, under the guidance of CEO Paul Saccone, planted its first coffee seedlings in Bedugul. This is a dormant volcanic area surrounding Bali's second-highest mountain, Mt. Batukaru 2,276 m. The local Balinese worship Batukaru and the area has a temple. The Juria coffee trees that Paul has planted are a rare Typica Arabica coffee. Over 100 years ago most of the Typica coffee in Indonesia, and elsewhere, was destroyed by coffee leaf rust disease. Following this disaster, Robusta coffee was planted and became the dominant variety due to its stiff resistance to disease; albeit inferior quality. Luckily, a number of Juria coffee trees can still be found on the island of Flores, Indonesia. In 1944 Juria coffee was brought to Flores Island by a young student from Maccasar University in Sulawesi. These trees were hidden in the middle of the Manggarai Mountains for over seventy years, surviving the leaf rust disease. Over this time Juria Coffee has become a ‘soul drink’ of the Mangarrai people. Juria coffee has a strong body with a very sweet aroma and tropical flavours; it also has a delicious, long-lasting finish. In partnership with the local Balinese, Dimattina Coffee has planted over 3,000 Juria coffee trees in Bedugul. This location was chosen due to its cool mountain climate - where Juria thrive. The seedlings planted are from Flores and are descendants of the old, rare Juria coffee trees. We are expecting our plantation trees to fruit within the next 12 -18mths - from which we will be proudly offering limited quantities of this rare “single origin” coffee to customers.

Note, Dimattina Coffee supports the local Balinese community by donating to The John Fawcett Foundation (JFF) - which is a humanitarian not-for-profit organisation that assists needy people in Indonesia, particularly in the field of sight ... projects include Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention, Children's Corrective Surgery and Prosthetic Eyes. www.johnfawcett.org.