Dimattina Coffee South Melbourne’s Industry Support Night 2018

August 03, '21

Dimattina Coffee has a wealth of knowledge. Being connected to strong industry leaders and café’s alike, Dimattina aims to educate and empower our accounts across Australia. Our Melbourne Industry nights, carefully organised by Candy Weiss, are curated to benefit our cafes by sharing expertise of prominent industry professionals in a comfortable learning environment. As Dimattina Coffee is an institution of the coffee industry, we have the resources to not only share what we know, but also the wisdom of our contacts. We are truly blessed to work with people who are not only experts, but are as passionate as they are well-informed.




We kicked off our Melbourne Industry Night with a talk on water filtration, presented by John Wall of Water Filtration Services. Water quality is a huge part of coffee’s flavour profile and is often overlooked. As water quality changes from state to state, water filtration becomes a necessary tool in the quest for consistency. Water sources and methods of treating it differ vastly across Australia, resulting in incredibly different chemical characteristics. We were lucky enough to have John demonstrate the difference water filtration can make not only to your water, but to your coffee, too. We’d like to thank John Wall of WFS for continually sharing his passion and wisdom for water filtration and helping to educate both ourselves and our clients on the importance of water filtration and remineralisation.



Following John’s informative presentation, Greg and Mevan from Tea Drop offered us a taste of their newest product, slow brewed chai! Tea Drop is a specialty tea company who pride themselves on unique tea blends, ethical trading and small batch exclusivity. Their newest product, slow-brewed chai concentrate, is a real and effective replacement for powdered chai. We all love the taste of a real brewed chai, but how many baristas can justify the brewing process in the middle of a busy service? If you’re looking for an answer to this question, look no further.

With Tea Drop’s chai concentrate, every cup of chai can taste real and full bodied without the brewing time that comes with it. Thank you, Greg and Mevan, for sharing your delicious chai treats with us all! Next on our agenda was a Moccamaster demonstration with our in house small batch roaster, Laura. With the rise in popularity of single origin coffee, we often get asked “how can I implement this in my café?” The Moccamaster is an automatic filter coffee maker that combines efficiency with consistency, ensuring that your batch brew is delicious every single time.

The Moccamaster has a copper heating element to guarantee that all water is at the perfect temperature for brewing. The combination of perfectly heated water and well timed pouring ensures a delicious extraction running to a time of 6 minutes. The thermal carafe means that you can keep your batch brew for up to two hours; the Moccamaster provides easy access to filter coffee that is always on hand.



After trying our delicious single origin through the Moccamaster, we spoke to our green bean supplier, Melbourne Coffee Merchants (MCM), about the delicious origins we have to offer. MCM are a fantastic green coffee sourcing company who work tirelessly with both farmers and roasters to assure high grade, quality green beans.

Not only do MCM offer beautiful single origins, but they foster deep relationships with coffee farmers, ensuring fair trade and sustainability in the coffee industry. Aislinn and Mel from MCM discussed in depth the problems facing coffee farmers, particularly in Bolivia where farmers favour the fast-growing and highly profitable coca over coffee. Through relationships with suppliers like MCM, roasters can feel at ease knowing that their coffee benefits the future of coffee plantations rather than exploiting the people at the very foundation of our industry.


Aislinn and Mel conducted a cupping of our two monthly singles provided by MCM to introduce our clientele to the world of cupping and why we do it. We are truly grateful to work with such a passionate and ethical team who are always ready and willing to share information. Thank you, Melbourne Coffee Merchants, for conducting such an intriguing cupping and educating us on the problems of our coffee farmers.

Dimattina Coffee South Melbourne’s first Industry Support Night of 2018 went off without a hitch and was informative, inclusive and educational. We’d very much like to thank our speakers for coming together to educate and empower our industry leaders and for providing a welcoming and inclusive experience.