Machine Review – Izzo Vivi

August 03, '21

The Izzo Vivi is the newest addition to our domestic coffee machine line-up and has managed to strike the right chords with our customers in a very short amount of time. The Italian manufacturer has taken a different approach to their long-running dual-boiler model (the Alex Duetto) and has created the Vivi; a simpler and more economical machine with all the flair and usability of the original. Our service coordinator Michael Zekas sat down with the Vivi and put it through its paces, the results were beyond his expectations.

The Vivi comes in at a price point far below its older brother and, while it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, it really is great value for money. Izzo have taken the Duetto and stripped it down to the essentials; this could be perceived as a bad thing but, in truth, it is far from it. They’ve removed one boiler which, for home use, is far from a necessity; replaced the rotary pump with a more economical vibratory one and reduced the footprint significantly.

The resulting machine is a smaller, but no less powerful model which produces equally good espresso. The smooth lever operation combined with the precision of the taps make this machine a pleasure to make coffee on. Aesthetically the Vivi looks the part and, with the option of upgrading to a custom portafilter/steam tap kit, (available in white, red or Italian walnut) you can put your own personal touch on your home machine.

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