Prima Tazza strikes Gold!

August 03, '21

In 1998 we started roasting our Prima Tazza blend as our preferred blend for the cafes and restaurants we supply. Lino first roasted it on a reconditioned 30kg Probat Roaster. He carefully selected 4 origins and combined them to produce a coffee we were proud to present to restaurants and cafes as our “Prima Tazza or First Cup” blend. With growth the need arose to purchase a larger roaster, we opted for another reconditioned roaster, this time a 60kg Petroncini.

Lino transferred his recipe and adapted his roast times over to the new roaster. He also decided that the coffee could be enhanced by adding a 5th origin to the blend – once tasting his modified blend we agreed.

Last year we made another significant growth decision, this time purchasing a new 100kg Probat roaster. Our family have had a long association with Probat, and we believed, along with Lino that it produced the most consistently roasted coffee of the roasters we’d worked with. Once again, Lino transferred his recipes over to a new roaster, testing and tweaking till he could produce another consistently top coffee.

Over the journey we have entered Prima Tazza in various shows and competitions, the ultimate being the CSR Golden Bean. The CSR Golden Bean is the biggest of the competitions for the year. This year they received over 1,200 entries from 300 Coffee roasters Australia wide.

The categories that we most value and relate to our restaurant and café clients are the Milk Category & Espresso Category. Prima Tazza has always been judged well in these categories, picking up lots of silvers and bronzes. This year however, we’re extremely proud to announce that our Prima Tazza Blend won Gold in the Milk Category and Bronze in the Espresso, providing us the best overall score and title of Overall Winner of the 2011/2012 CSR Golden Bean.

What changed this year? Well, again Lino made some slight modifications, not with the ratio mix, but by sourcing what we believed were some better exponents of the origins used and enhancing the blend. Probat roasters also have a knack of just getting better the more they roast, probably a large reason why reconditioned roasters are in such a large demand amongst micro roasters.

Why are we happy? Well, we’re proud because we have been able to showcase our number one and most largely produced blend. We believed that not only has it remained very consistent over the years, with better buying and enhanced equipment, it’s actually improved, something our parents did over their coffee careers, and something we’ll be striving to continue.

2011/2012 CSR Golden Bean – Gold – Milk Category

2011/2012 CSR Golden Bean – Bronze – Espresso Category

2011 Royal Melbourne Fine Food – Bronze Espresso

2011 Wrest Point Royal Hobart Fine Food – Silver Medal – Espresso

2011 Wrest Point Royal Hobart Fine Food – Silver Medal – Cappuccino

2010 Wrest Point Royal Hobart Fine Food – Gold – Espresso

2010 CSR Golden Bean – Bronze Medal – Espresso

2010 Sydney Royal Show – Silver Medal – Espresso

2009 Wrest Point Royal Hobart Fine Food – Bronze Medal – Plunger

2009 CSR Golden Bean – Bronze Medal – Espresso

2008 Golden Bean – Bronze Medal – Milk Category

2008 Wrest Point Royal Hobart Show – Silver Medal – Espresso

2008 Sydney Royal Show – Bronze Medal – Espresso

2007 Golden Bean – Silver Medal – Espresso