Sustainability – WA Wholesale Tins

Jono P
July 18, '22

With everything going on in the world right now, one of the hottest topics out there is sustainability. 

As a nation, Australia is slowly but surely moving toward a more sustainable future with initiatives such as the phasing out of plastic lined takeaway cups coming into play over the next couple of months.  At Dimattina, we are committed to doing our part to keep Australia green.  We are very proud to finally be able to offer our wholesale customers in Western Australia the option to receive their weekly coffee delivery in food-grade tins rather than foil-lined, single-use bags.

These customized, matte black tins are completely re-usable and come in both 5kg and 8kg sizes.  Complete with an easy-pour screw top lid and one-way valve (just like our coffee bags) to prevent excess CO2 build-up, these tins are a gamechanger!  Pimped out with unique designs by Melbourne Artist and sustainability advocate Carla Scotto (@carladrawz), they also look amazing as display pieces and talking points.

So how does it work?  Simple.  Our friendly delivery drivers drop them off at your café and pick up the empties; they are then thoroughly cleaned and returned to circulation.  This initiative prevents thousands of bags every year from ending up in landfill.

We are very proud to finally be able to offer this service and encourage as many of our WA customers as possible to enquire today.  We are thoroughly invested in sustainability as a company and this is just the first of many planss witsh have in the works; stay tuned for more!