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Baratza Sette 30


Baratza Sette 30


This powerful grinder runs on the same AP 40mm steel conical burrs that sit inside the more expensive Sette models. 31 stepped grind setting adjustments allow you to grind your coffee for espresso or finer filter coffee methods (Aeropress, Hario V60).

A front-mounted backlit LED display makes the Sette 30 simple and easy to use. The intuitive start/stop button will set off your coffee-making experience to a new level by precisely dosing just the coffee you need for each brew. Fine-tune your grind with 30 settings on the burr adjustment ring.

Grind directly into a portafilter or switch to grind into a static-reducing grounds bin. You may also find some single-cup brewing methods to fit just right and maximize your routine.



Espresso + Select Filter Grinding - Designed to grind for espresso brewing and filter coffee that uses grind settings on the finer end (Aeropress, Hario V60). Not recommended for very coarse grind size like French Press.

31 Stepped Grind Settings - Macro settings make for easy switching back and forth between grind settings and brewers.

Zero Retention Grinding - No grounds are retained in the burrs, reducing waste.

AP 40mm Steel Burrs - Conical and redesigned to offer improved precision and speed.

Device / Portafilter Holder - Naturally holds portafilter and other grind catchers with the removable / re-positionable arms.

0.1 Second Dosing - Automatically doses coffee by time and is accurate to 0.1 seconds.

Intuitive LCD Display - Lit display makes dosing adjustments easy.

High Speed Grinding - Revolutionary mechanics rapidly grind coffee at 3.5g/sec for espresso and 5.5g/sec for filter.



Conical/40mm burrs

300-400g hopper

160g grounds bin

Weight: 3.2 kg

Dimensions: W130 x H400 x D240 mm

Power: 200W

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