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Precision Hand Grinder
Precision Hand Grinder

Precision Hand Grinder


A beautifully crafted piece designed for grinding all types of coffee from Filter to espresso.

Constructed of high quality stainless steel and aluminium; the Precision Hand Grinder uses stainless steel conical burrs, making for exceptional grind quality. The grinders compact size makes it a perfect companion for holidays and camping trips.

The precision grinder provides what the name suggests. With 12 adjustment clicks per rotation you’ll be able to fine tune your recipes and hit that sweet spot for brewing every time.


All Purpose Grinding – Fine enough for espresso, coarse enough for filter.

Stainless Steel Burrs – Solid and reliable 39mm grinding burrs.

Easy to Clean – Can assemble and reassemble quickly, brush included.

Compact – Packs away comfortable for the ideal travel grinder.

Painted Metallic Finish.


Grind Recommendations

Espresso – 7 clicks

Moka Pot – 12 clicks

Aeropress – 16 clicks

Pour Over – 19 Clicks

French Press 26 Clicks

Cold Brew – 30+ Clicks

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