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Rocket Espresso - Cinquantotto
Rocket Espresso - Cinquantotto
Rocket Espresso - Cinquantotto

Rocket Espresso - Cinquantotto

The Coffee Machine For Barista Quality At Home

Dual boilers operate independently to create unprecedented temperature stability for the coffee boiler, as well as increased levels of steam pressure and hot water supply from the service boiler. Improved temperature and pressure stability allow the barista to produce superior espresso.

Commercial grade rotary pump draws from the machines internal water reservoir or allows for the machine to have a direct water connection from the water supply.

It also features a touch screen communication pod, from which temperatures for both boilers can be set and adjusted with ease. Adjustments can be made for a variety of roast profiles and origins to get the best shot possible from different beans. The R58 Cinquantotto now also includes an automatic on/off function so your machine is ready to go when you are.



PID Controlled Temperature — Achieves maximum efficiency for heating to your desired temperature

Dual Boilers – Create unprecedented temperature stability and increased levels of steam pressure

Communication Pad – adjust for a variety of roast profiles and origins for the best extraction possible.

E61 Grouphead – Brass and heavy keeping a steady brew temp where it matters most.

Shot Timer – Keep an eye on the details of brewing with a clock to time your shots.

Steam Arm – Cool touch steam arm.

Rotary Pump – Can be plumbed into water mains and quieter than vibration pumps.

Automatic On/Off function.

Height adjustable feet.



0.58L Copper and Brass Coffee Boiler

1.7L Copper and Brass Service Boiler

Boiler: 2.38 litres

PID Temperature Controller

Pump Type: Rotary

Water Reservoir Capacity: 2.5 litres

Weight: 29kg

Dimensions: W310 x H385* x D440 mm

*Excluding cup frame

Power: 220-240V



Single Portafilter

Double Portafilter

Blind Filter Basket

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