Foundation Espresso - Perth


Want to kick start your career in coffee? Learn a new skill to go travelling with? Maybe you just love coffee? Our Foundation Espresso course is the place to start. Coffee is an intriguing and complex product. There is a great deal to learn and love about this humble beverage but understanding its intricacies requires a strong foundation to build upon; this is where Dimattina comes in. With a strong emphasis on consistency, students will gain: a basic working knowledge of coffee as a product, solid dosing and tamping techniques, grinder calibration and extraction diagnostic skills and the ability to steam and texture milk to a high-end café standard. Students will receive practical training in how to produce all commonly ordered espresso based beverages including espressos, long blacks, flat whites, cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. Machine cleanliness and hygiene also receives high emphasis.

*It is strongly recommended that applicants complete this course before attempting the more advanced classes.

Booking conditions apply, read the Course Bookings T&C's

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Duration: 3hr

Cost: $150.00

Location: Perth 3/19 Collingwood St, Osborne Park